There are many reasons to attend the European Collaboration Summit 2018: it is the largest community-driven conference focusing on Microsoft’s products Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Project in Europe in 2018, with an expected attendance of a thousand people. During this three-day event, world-leading experts and speakers will deliver a series of full-day workshops, and a range of “what is new” and “best practices” break-out sessions relevant to these technologies.

Mainz, a picturesque German city with a fascinating history, offers all we need for a great conference: stunning scenery, convenient logistics, a central-European location with easy air links (Frankfurt Airport is close by), and a vibrant Microsoft community.

Here are just some of the reasons why you simply must attend.


More than 70 members of Microsoft’s product teams, MVPs, MCMs, and other experts, from 21 countries and five continents, will guide you through all the changes happening in the IT world now. ECS 2018 features: 62 MVP Speakers, 10 Microsoft corporate speakers, 14 Microsoft Certified Masters and 7 Microsoft regional directors. Furthermore, we have eight top-quality full-day tutorials, leading-edge developer and IT Pro sessions, business-oriented sessions on current developments, digital transformation, issues and strategies will be delivered by world experts. This speaker line-up is unique in Europe in 2018. To see all these folks in one place, you simply have to come to the European Collaboration Summit 2018 in Mainz, Germany.


Dan Holme, Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft Corporation, will deliver a future-oriented keynote about Teamwork and collaboration in the modern workplace with innovations in Microsoft 365. This keynote will give an outlook about how new ways of work are supported by new, innovative modern tools coming from Microsoft’s kitchen.


Microsoft speakers and MVPs, both from the USA and Europe, will present the SharePoint 2019, and deliver the information only one week after the product presentation in Las Vegas! Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 will be the next incarnation of the most popular collaboration platform in the world, and at ECS 2018 we will the full set of sessions which will give you early insights in what is new, and what has changed with the product. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be among the first ones who will be able to see and get the news about the product.


Microsoft speakers and MVPs, both from the USA and Europe, will teach you all you need to know about Microsoft Teams: features, business uses cases, architecture and developing extensions. Microsoft Teams is the next generation collaboration tool from Microsoft. It encompasses a broad range of other Microsoft services, to deliver a unified modern collaboration experience to the users. A large number of ECS 2018 sessions and full-day tutorials will be fully or partly focused on Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Azure is underneath every new cloud service which Microsoft ships nowadays: cloud business is actually Azure business, cloud development is Azure development and modern IT Pros need to be Azure professionals as well.This is why a vast majority of ECS 2018 sessions and full-day tutorials are, one or another way, also Azure sessions and tutorials. Microsoft speakers and MVPs, both from the USA and Europe, will deliver over 20 Azure-related sessions at European Collaboration Summit 2018.


The European Collaboration Summit is a developer’s paradise. We will have the legendary Patterns and Practices Team (PnP) delivering sessions which will help you to become fit for the new way of development. This is something that every developer needs to see. SharePoint Framework? Check. Microsoft Graph? We have it. New development capabilities for Microsoft Teams? Sure. SharePoint Dev PnP stuff? The European Collaboration Summit is the unique opportunity to see, hear and meet the PnP team live, in addition to all the other developer legends that will be in Mainz.


A conference is never only about the content, especially not a community conference. At the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, you will meet Office 365, Azure, SharePoint and Exchange people – consultants, admins, developers, business people, end-users, nerds, speakers, MVPs, masters, Microsoft people… And they are all there because of knowledge sharing and because of community. Without a doubt, the European Collaboration Summit, a networking and community paradise, is a unique opportunity to meet all these people at one place.


The pre-conference tutorial day will feature eight full day tutorials with some of the most prominent technology visionaries in the areas of digital transformation, business, development and infrastructure. This is an amazing opportunity to dive deep into the discussion, to complete your learning, and to come up with solutions to your biggest problems.


The views are stunning: Mainz downtown with its historic buildings, the cathedral, the Rhine valley flair and beautiful old churches. Outside of Mainz, there’s the Rhine, numerous castles, and some of the oldest vineyards in Europe. Add a few free days on to your European Collaboration Summit trip and enjoy some extra time in the historic UNESCO World Heritage site of the Rhine valley. Unmissable!