What is European Collaboration Summit 2017?

May 30-31 2017, Zagreb, Croatia

The European Collaboration Summit (ECS) is the largest community-driven conference focusing on Microsoft's products Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Project in 2017 in Europe. It is a two-day community event, based on the traditions of SPC Adriatics Zagreb and Office 365 Conference Germany and Nordics, during which world-leading experts and speakers will deliver a range of "what is new" and "best practices" sessions regarding the above-mentioned technologies.
1What does "based on the traditions of SPC Adriatics Zagreb and Office 365 Conference" mean?
SPC Adriatics was a cult community event that focused first on SharePoint and then, in later years, on the whole Microsoft Office stack of technologies with arguably the best speaker lineup at community conferences ever. The Office 365 Conference is the largest and most prominent community conference with the same focus in Germany and the Nordics. The ECS will build on the experiences gained from those two events and will be the ultimate community event focusing on Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Project in Europe-from Lisbon to Moscow, from Rome to Helsinki.
2Where and when will it be?
In Zagreb, Croatia, on May 30-31 2017. This picturesque European capital offers all we need for a great conference: beautiful scenery, the necessary logistics, a relatively central position in Europe, affordable prices, easy access via airplane, and a vibrant Microsoft community. The last two days of May promise beautiful-but not too hot-weather and lot of fun after the sessions. The venue address is: Hotel Antunović Zagrebačka avenija 100 10000 Zagreb Croatia
3Why is this event 10 times cheaper than the other events with the same focus in Europe?
Because this is a nonprofit event, financed to a great extent by our sponsors, for which we are very thankful. The symbolic conference fee we require is to prevent people from registering and then not attending (and so blocking places for those who would attend). The only goal is to get the world's best experts and to share their knowledge with as many community folks in Europe as possible. Because "sharing is caring" (the legendary words of Microsoft's Vesa Juvonen, who is just one of our top speakers).
4What is a "community driven" conference? How is this different from commercial conferences?
It means that it is delivered by people active in the community for the people in the community, as a nonprofit event. People on the organization board are not doing this for money, and all have their proper day jobs. At the end of the day, they are organizing this conference because they love doing it. "Addicted to it" is a term we have heard recently.
5Which speakers can be expected at ECS 2017?
You will see the most prominent community (MVPs, MCMs) and corporate (Microsoft) speakers at European Collaboration Summit 2017. Take a look at the SPC Adriatics and Office 365 Conference speakers from the past years, and add even some more to that: this is what you can expect. The first batch of speakers can already be found on the speakers page.
6I would like to be a speaker at ECS 2017. How do I apply?
Speakers will be partly pre-selected by our programme committee (which will be announced soon), and partly selected through the public call for sessions. Public call for sessions will be announced in September 2016, so stay tuned. :)