SharePoint Server on premises and hybrid PowerClass with Spencer Harbar and Thomas Vochten

Full day tutorial for IT PROs

The ultimate full-day SharePoint ITPro tutorial by two SharePoint legends: Spencer Harbar (MVP, MCM, MCA – United Kingdom) and Thomas Vochten (MVP, Belgium). Planning, architecture, configuration, hybrid deployment – all at one place.

Ultimate Modern SharePoint Development PowerClass with SharePoint/Office 365 Dev PnP Team

Full day tutorial for developers

Ultimate tutorial for the modern SharePoint Developers: SharePoint Framework (SPFx), SharePoint AddIns, PnP (Patterns and Practices), modern provisioning, delivered by the SharePoint Patterns and Practices team members, and developer legends Vesa Juvonen, Paolo Pialorsi, Erwin van Hunen, Waldek Mastykarz, Bert Jansen, Elio Struyf and Radi Atanassov.

Becoming a Master Power User in SharePoint and Office 365 – Full day tutorial with Benjamin Niaulin

Full day tutorial for everyone who wants to become a SharePoint superstar

This full day tutorial not only covers what features are present in SharePoint and Office 365, but helps you learn how to use SharePoint and Office 365 as well as everything around them to best benefit your organization and empower you as a Power User.

Information Security with Azure and Office 365 and GDPR mythbusters with Martina Grom and Nicki Borell

Full day tutorial for everyone who needs to implement security and GDRP with Office 365 and Azure

This full day tutorial will give you the guidance how Office 365 and Azure can help you to protect your organization against common information security threats in the modern, digital world, and information about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which highlights the requirements for protection of personal data held by organizations. Office 365 and Azure tools specially created to meet those requirements will be presented, discussed, and demonstrated, such as Compliance Manager, Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and the GDPR Assessment Toolbox.

Cloud cookbook: Azure PowerClass with Mustafa Toroman and Saša Kranjac

Full day tutorial for everyone who wants to implement the Azure platform

This full day tutorial will cover all IaaS, PaaS/Serverless and SaaS aspects of Microsoft Azure cloud platform. You will learn how to master virtual machines, networking, Azure App Service and all the other Azure goodies, and how to implement them in your company.

Enterprise Search PowerClass with Agnes Molnar and Matthew McDermott

Full day tutorial for everyone who needs to implement end-to-end enterprise search platform

This full day tutorial will provide an orientation and exposure to the key issues, effective processes, and technology to implement enterprise search inside your organization.

Power BI PowerClass with John P. White and Jason Himmelstein

Full day tutorial for everyone who loves Data Science, BI, analysis, reports and dashboard

Top notch Business Intelligence tutorial, which will teach you how to drive value from your data using Microsoft Power BI, delivered by the ultimate authorities on everything BI on Microsoft Platform, John Patrick White (MVP, Canada) and Jason Himmelstein (MVP, USA)

Microsoft Project PowerClass with Ellen Lehnert and Nenad Trajkovski

Full day tutorial for everyone who needs to use Microsoft Project in their daily job

Would you like to see tasks that are scheduled to take place next week across multiple projects? Would you like to know how to group task data using specific resource fields? How can you plan projects with drop dead deadlines? Do you want to handle Agile (SCRUM and KANBAN) with Microsoft Project? During this all-day tutorial with Ellen Lehnert (MVP) and Nenad Trajkovski (MVP), these questions and more will be answered.


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