Enterprise Search PowerClass

Full day tutorial with Agnes Molnar and Matthew McDermott, 28 May 2018

You’ve been given the responsibility for search at your organization – what’s next? 

Perhaps there is a new initiative to improve search, or perhaps the previous search manager mysteriously disappeared; in any case, you’ve discovered that search is a deceptively tricky domain, and that the expectations of many of your stakeholders are difficult to meet or even to define. 

This all-day tutorial will provide an orientation and exposure to the key issues, effective processes, and technology. We will provide lay-of-the-land information and approaches to get you off to a good start. 

Join Agnes Molnar (MVP) and Matt McDermott (MVP) to learn: 

  • How to get started and where to find practical guidance for search management 
  • What kind of tasks and roles are involved in managing search; ways to build a cross-functional team 
  • How to assess the current state of search at your organization, establish a vision, and create a findability strategy 
  • How to get stakeholders together and constructively involved; discovering and managing expectations 
  • The top misconceptions about search and how to educate your organization (without whining) 
  • “Layers of the onion”: the top 5 and next 5 tools and techniques for improving search 
  • Approaches for planning and managing updates and improvements 
  • Measuring search: KPIs, tools, and techniques for internal search engine optimization 

Attendees are welcome to bring their laptop to the tutorials for note taking and perhaps experimentation. However, there will not be any hands-on labs during the tutorials, in order to ensure that each tutorial’s material can be effectively delivered in the time allocated. Each tutorial will include speaker presentations, demos and interactive discussions.


Whole day tutorial seats are very limited – register now, and secure your spot for this unique knowledge infusion opportunity!

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