Information Security with Azure and Office 365 and GDPR mythbusters

Full day tutorial with Martina Grom and Nicki Borell, 28 May 2018

Join Martina Grom (MVP) and Nicki Borell (MVP) for this all-day tutorial where we guide you how Office 365 and Azure can help you to protect your organization against common information security threats in the modern, digital world.  

Common topics around securing your environment, locking down access, and preventing data breaches will be addressed. A selection of cybersecurity techniques a hacker might use to get access to your data will also be demonstrated. Securing Office 365 is a key requirement most organizations face today, the tutorial will demonstrate how to start and best practices for protection. 

  • Best practices for protecting Office 365 and Azure identities 
  • Adopt Office 365 Secure Score 
  • Learn about Advanced Threat Protection 
  • Find solutions and alerts with the Threat Management Dashboard 

 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) highlights the requirement for protection of personal data held by organizations. To be able to support this Microsoft has invested significantly in new functionality such as Compliance Manager, Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and the GDPR Assessment Toolbox.  

Rather than covering specific legal or IT perspectives alone, this tutorial will cover both IT and solution architecture in relationship to the legal imperatives. An overview about the topics you have to respect and which Office 365 & Azure features can be used to fulfill the regulation will be provided. In addition, common myths will be busted – for example: “What commission proposals on data protection DO and DON’T mean” or “The Court of Justice of the EU and the Right to be Forgotten” 

  • Step by step overview about the elements of Office 365 & Azure affected by GDPR 
  • Best practice concept to start with GDPR in your organization 
  • Which tools and features in Office 365 & Azure can be used to address GDPR requirements 
  • Mythbusters: get an overview about what GDPR does and does not mean 

Attendees are welcome to bring their laptop to the tutorials for note taking and perhaps experimentation. However, there will not be any hands-on labs during the tutorials, in order to ensure that each tutorial’s material can be effectively delivered in the time allocated. Each tutorial will include speaker presentations, demos and interactive discussions.


Whole day tutorial seats are very limited – register now, and secure your spot for this unique knowledge infusion opportunity!

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