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22-24 May 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany

Meet Microsoft executives, Microsoft Regional Directors, and MVPs

The European Collaboration Summit is the ideal opportunity to meet the executives, program leaders and top managers Microsoft, as well as Microsoft Regional Directors, Microsoft MVPs, and the other professionals in this field.

Vesa Juvonen, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Vesa Juvonen, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Karuana Gatimu, Microsoft

Karuana Gatimu, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft

Laurie Pottmeyer, Community Lead, Microsoft Teams Engineering

Dan Holme, Microsoft

Dan Holme, Product Leader, Microsoft

Meet business leaders and tech visionaries

Top business leaders and tech visionaries from all over the world are joining the European Collaboration Summit. This event gives you the chance to hear from industry experts, network with senior leaders, and learn how to create winning strategies to succeed in the field of modern work. You will make many interesting connections who may become your future customers or partners.

Marc Anderson, Sympraxix Consulting, President

Marc Anderson, USA, President Sympraxis Consulting, Microsoft MVP

Martina Grom, Microsoft Regional Director, is delivering a session at the European Collaboration Summit

Martina Grom, Austria, CEO atwork, Microsoft Regional Director

Maarten Eekels, CTO Rapid Circle, Microsoft Regional Director, Netherlands

Maarten Eekels, Netherlands, CTO Rapid Circle, Microsoft Regional Director

Mike Fitzmaurice, Canada, Vice-president WEBCON

Mike Fitzmaurice, Canada, Vice-President WEBCON

Meet more than 75 sponsors and exhibitors

The European Collaboration Summit offers a unique opportunity for our sponsors to present their product and services to a European audience, and to reach new partners and customers. At the same time, attendees get the chance to find out first-hand how new and emerging collaboration technologies can be used today, what the best practices are, and what products and services can further improve their business. The European Collaboration Summit expo hall with more than 75 exhibition boots is a “melting” pot which brings together business, deciders, doers and visionaries.

Meet 2500 attendees from allover Europe

European Collaboration Summit attendees work for the major European companies and organisations. Of these, 50% come from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), 20% from the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), 10% from the UK, 10% from the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), and 10% from other European countries. Moreover, 60% of attendees have a business role (CXOs, managers, business users) and 40% are techies (architects, developers, IT professionals).

The world leading companies attend CollabSummit

Meet Microsoft Executives and Engineers

Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft

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Meet Business Leaders and Tech Visionaries

Maarten Eekels, CTO Rapid Circle, Microsoft Regional Director, Netherlands

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European Collaboration Summit, grand opening

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Ahmand Najjar delivering a full day tutorial at European Collaboration Summit
Beatriz Oliveira - CEO BindTuning delivering a session at European Collaboration Summit
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