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Meet our content team

Meet the European Collaboration Summit content team: professionals, world-wide acknowledged experts, themselves world-class speakers. They are the guarantee that the European Collaboration Summit will be that Microsoft 365 conference which you need to attend.

Vesa Juvonen

Vesa Juvonen

Microsoft, Finland
Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Martina Grom

Martina Grom

Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, Austria
CEO Atwork

Martina Grom


Microsoft MVP, Belgium
De Cronos Groep

Mike Fitzmaurice


Chief Evangelist and VP-North America at WEBCON

Mustafa Toroman

Mustafa Toroman

Microsoft Azure MVP, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vesa Juvonen is a Principal Program Manager within Microsoft 365 platform areas at Microsoft. He works in the team responsible of the Viva Connections, SharePoint and OneDrive customization model, including SharePoint Framework and community work. Vesa also leads the virtual team which created the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practice (PnP) initiative to help customers and partners to learn right ways to customize and extend Microsoft 365 services.

Martina Grom works as IT-Consultant & is co-founder and CEO of atwork information technology. Martina is recognized as an expert in Microsoft Office Online Services solutions and was worldwide one of the first 8 MVP’s awarded in 2011 for her expertise in Office 365. 

Thomas Vochten is a technology evangelist helping companies to implement Microsoft cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365 and Azure. As Microsoft MVP, he also travels the world to speak at events, conferences, and user groups to talk about technology and to make sure people do not make the same expensive mistakes that he made.

Mike Fitzmaurice, WEBCON’s Chief Evangelist and VP – North America, is a recognized thought leader in workflow/business process automation, citizen development, and low-code/no-code solution platforms and strategies. Mike has more than 25 years of product, consulting, evangelism, engineering, and IT management expertise, and spent the last year at skybow serving as its CTO. His decade at Microsoft included being the original technical product manager for SharePoint, helping launch and shepherd its first three releases; it was Mike who birthed, developed, and led developer evangelism on SharePoint, positioning it as a development platform. Other gigs included a decade at Nintex as Vice-President of Workflow and Product Technology and five years as Director of IT at the National Association of Broadcasters.

Mustafa Toroman is a solution architect focused on cloud-native applications and migrating existing systems to the cloud. He is very interested in DevOps processes, and he is also an Infrastructure-as-Code enthusiast and DevOps Institute Ambassador. Mustafa often speaks at international conferences about cloud technologies. He has been awarded MVP for Microsoft Azure since 2016 and C# Corner MVP since 2020. Mustafa also authored several books about Microsoft Azure and cloud computing.