European Collaboration Summit



A list of ECS 2021 sessions for which speakers have provided slides and other session materials.

Ahmad Najjar

Calling AP Is Consuming Services And Exposing Data Using Logic Apps

Ahmad Najjar

Calling AP Is Consuming Services And Exposing Data Using Power Automate

Albert Jan Schot

Azure Container Instances And Running The CL I

Albert Jan Schot

Extend Teams With Your Custom Solutions

Alex Mang

Designing Microservices With Dapr And NE T

Alexander Ivanov

Teams Devices Making Hybrid Meetings Inclusive

Andreas Erben

Intelligent Spatial Applications

Andreas Krueger

How To Imigrate Tenant To Tenant

Artur Tomczak

Experts Insid

Barbara Forbes

Deploy An Azure Function App

Ben Howard

Project Is Dead

Ben Menesi


Bernardin Katic

Azure For Architects

Bernie Wagner

Google Keynote

Bill Ayers

Build Cleaner Client Side Code With React Functional Components And Hooks

Bill Ayers

Who Needs A Serve Static Websites2021

Catalin Gheorghiu

Myriad On Azure

Clemens Vasters

Keynote Flow Architectures

Damir Dizdarevic

Going Beyond Passwords

Damir Dobric

Modern Serverless Applications With Azure Durable Functions

Daniel Wessels

What Shall We Do With The Modern Admin

Dominik Hoefling

Moving Application Authentication To Azure A D

Donald Hessing

Azure Cognitive Search

Ed Senez

Ty Graph

Edin Kapic

Testing In Production With Azure And Feature Flags

Edyta Gorzon Tomasz Poszytek

Marketing Processes Love Office365

Elio Struyf

Tips On Building Products For M365

Eric Shupps

Enterprise Content Management Solutions In Office365

Eric Shupps

Scaling Securing Managing And Publishing Power Platform Custom Connectors

Erwin Staal

Kubernetes Based Event Driven Autoscaling With Keda

Fabian Williams

Durable Functions

Francesco Sodano

Azure Scaffold

Frank Carius


Gavin Barron

Scale Your Sites On Azure

Gilles Pommier

Power Apps Portal Advanced Techniques


30 Demos In50 Minutes

Ingo Gegenwarth

Azure Ad Graph Exchange Online

Jan De Vries

Use Azure Active Directory Managed Identities For Your Services

Jane Piper

Losing Your Mind With Digital Distraction

Jean Francois Berenguer

Azure Log Analytics Azure Monitor Azure Sentinel

Jennifer Werthwein

Google Sustainability Sustainable Innovation Through Collaboration

Jens Nannerup


John White Jason Himmelstein

Your Guide To Understanding Power BI

Jussi Roine

Running Business Logic Code In The Cloud

Karolina Kettukari

Wheres The ROI In Teams User Adoption

Karuna Gatimu

Navigating Hybrid Workwiththe Microsoft Cloud Final

Katja Jokisalo

Top Ten Tips For Awesome Intranet

Laura Graham Brown

Introducing Office Scripts

Laurie Pottmeyer

Keynote Driving Customer Obsession With Microsoft Teams

Liz Sundet

Tools And Techniques To Create An Accessible Intranet

Maarten Eekels

Microsoft Teams Architecture Deep Dive Update

Marc Andersson

Does Information Architecture Matter Anymore

Marijn Somers

Employee Offboarding

Mark Calleran


Mark Rackley

Working With Json And Arrays In Power Automate

Martina Grom

Communication Compliance In Microsoft 365

Matthias Gessenay

Mastering Kubernetes On Azure

Michael Noel

Securing IT Against Modern Threats

Mike Fitzmaurice

Low Code And Enterprise Readiness

Mike Fitzmaurice

Which Tools Is Right For Which Business Process

Miroslav Dvorak

End To End Encryption For Teams One On One Vo I P calls

Miroslav Popovic/h5>
Building An Auth Microservice
Neil Hodgkinson

Azure Migration

Nicki Borell

Conditional Access And App Controls

Nicki Borell

Teams Operational Guide An Admin Walkthrough

Omar Kudovic

Azure Information Protection With RM S

Daniel Neumann

Operating Azure Kubernetes Service – Learnings from the field

Patrick Guimonet

From Outlook To Teams

Paul Hunt

Multi Geo Capabilities In Office365

Pouneh Kaufman

Seamless Collaboration With Shared Channels

Pouneh Kaufman,  Siunie Sutjahjo

Future of Meetings

Radi Atanassov

Authenticate External Customers With Azure B2 C

Raphael Koellner

AI Microsoft Universe

Rick Van Rousselt

Keys And Secrets In Enterprise Environment

Robert Hutter

Business Process Automation

Robert Muslow

Agile Working Procedures With Microsoft Teams And Tasks

Rodrigo Pinto

Migrating Share Point Designer Workflows

Samuel Zuercher

How To Plan Run Measure And Proof Your Teams Adoption

Sandy Ussia

Power Apps Jump Start

Siunie Sutjahjo

Real Time Quality Analytics

Sponsor Rode Schwarz

Real Security For Gdpr And Nato Restricted Data

Stefan Riedel Tomislav Karafilov

How To Build Robust Power Platform Solutions

Thomas Goelles Stephan Bisser

M365 Demos

Thomas Goelles, Stephan Bisser

Take Your QA Chatbot Next Level

Thomas Vochten

Automation In The Cloud For The Reluctant IT Pro

Tom Morgan

Microsoft Bot Wars

Tomasz Poszytek

Power Automate Desktop

Tomaz Kastrun

Notebooks Stanadardized Solutions To Organize Code In Cloud

Tomislav Lulic

Use Endpoint Manager In M365

Toni Pohl

Learn How To Use Microsoft Search And Integrate Your Business Data

Tony Sterling


Vesa Juvonen

Building Extensibility For M365 Options Principles Future Direction

Vesa Nopanen

Teams Graph API In Practice2021edition

Vili Mileva Yankova

How To Build Effective Remote Teams

Vladimit Stefanovic

Cloud Survival Guide For Traditional Admins

Wictor Wilen

Have The Robots Run Your Meetings