Microsoft 365 Administration Powerclass

22-24 May 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany

From zero to Microsoft 365 Administration hero in only one day: Andreas Krüger and Tomislav Karafilov, both Microsoft MVPs from Germany, will help you to become a better Microsoft 365 Admin, and to learn about all the quirks and pitfalls of M365 administration with this full-day tutorial.

Andreas Krüger (Microsoft MVP, Germany)
Tomislav Karafilov (Microsoft MVP, Germany)

Implementing and running Microsoft 365 requires more than just knowing the technology. It also demands understanding new concepts on how to best administer the tenant. The classic roles of on-premises administrators need to be redefined to not focus on servers or applications. Within Microsoft 365 the focus shifts to a services-based approach.

In this full-day tutorial we will start to guide you through the various services within Microsoft 365, explain the core principles of identities, guests, Microsoft 365 Groups and Power Platform environments. By implementing a tenant baseline, we will share many recommendations from the field on how to set up and operate your tenant. Later on, will introduce a solution to document the settings within your tenant (Microsoft365DSC). This solution can also be used to monitor changes over time.

Do not miss this opportunity as we uncover:

  • Basic setup of a tenant and licensing overview
  • Insights on the various services and core principles, e.g.
    • Hybrid environments and dependencies to on-premises systems
    • Identity Management
    • Guest Management
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Microsoft 365 Groups
    • Power Platform Environments
    • Device Management and Conditional Access
  • Creation of a tenant baseline
    • Security Recommendations
    • Overview of good practices
  • Introduction to Microsoft365DSC for tenant documentation
    • Setup of a backup of the tenant’s settings
    • Compare settings at several points in time

It is recommended to set up a developer tenant with some licenses beforehand. An Azure Subscription is recommended if you want to follow along. (Developer Program | Microsoft 365 Dev Center

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