Saturday, May 13 2023

The new ShareGate Blueprints will help elevate workspace provisioning to the next level. Game on, ITs.

Hi. We’re ShareGate – the dare we say, revolutionary and powerful software product. And to keep ourselves revolutionary and powerful, well, we also keep on improving. That’s what brought us to the new and enhanced features we’re here to announce today: ShareGate Blueprints.

Apart from sounding damn cool, what does it do? Glad you asked, friend. It brings forward next generation workspace provisioning by embedding the full power of SharePoint’s configurability into your workspace provisioning templates. 

Now, for those of you who don’t know ShareGate, you should know that these new features are part of our easy-to-use and complete management software offering – which has been adopted by more than 75,000 IT professionals worldwide. ShareGate has become famed for its best-in-class migration capabilities, allowing companies of all sizes to eliminate internal IT complexities, control their digital environments, and offer the optimal, user-friendly experience for talent. Basically, ShareGate is a true out-of-the-box management solution for Microsoft 365 that helps IT with their big migrations and everyday Teams and SharePoint operations that ultimately benefits both IT professionals and employees. “Sounds cool,” you say? Oh, friend. You have no idea.

But let’s circle back to ShareGate Blueprints. Damn, we really love the sound of this. We want to say it all the time. ShareGate Blueprints, ShareGate Blueprints, ShareGate Blue- but I digress.

ShareGate’s new provisioning experience brings together IT needs and employee needs essentially levelling up IT’s service level agreement. Leveraging the power of ShareGate’s migration engine, IT can identify a SharePoint site as their blueprint to embed in their provisioning templates. This enables provisioned sites to include the fullness of a SharePoint site’s structure and content at the very moment of a workspace’s creation.

ShareGate Blueprints will help IT teams exceed end user expectations and accelerate productivity while also ensuring IT needs are met with comprehensive policy enforcement and settings within their provisioning templates.

So. Let’s get some IT work done, shall we? High fives all around. It’s on us.

More information on ShareGate provisioning features and enhancements:

  • Unlimited custom templates: Ensure purpose-fit workspaces for every use case in your organization.
  • Enforce your policies: Assign purpose and sensitivity tags aligned to your existing policies.
  • Automate best practices: Apply prefix and suffix detail to teams, associate provisioned sites to a hub site, require minimum owners and privacy settings.
  • Maintain oversight: Include an approval workflow, monitor usage with detailed reporting dashboards.
  • Empower users to take responsibility for their spaces: The ShareGate end user app includes workspace creation and proactive management of their spaces.


 To learn more about ShareGate, visit our website.

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