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Before the conference, use the search function to find other attendees with public profiles and to connect with them. Start conversations, organize meetings. Create private or public groups, and invite other attendees to join them. During the conference, use our mobile app to quickly establish new connections simply by scanning other attendees’ badges. After the conference, use the app to keep and nurture newly established business connections. Make sure to set your profile to public in the app, otherwise, the other attendees will not be able to find you.

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A lot of things are happening before and during European Collaboration Summit! Our event feed, displayed as soon as you open the app, keeps you up to date on what is next on program, going with your connections, in your groups, and if there are any important notifications from the organizers.

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Agenda displayed in the European Collaboration Summit mobile app is always up-to-date and you will never again miss an important session! You can build your personal agenda by selecting sessions that you wold like to attend, and you can also browse sessions and speakers. You can also use our app to engage in session chat (which speakers tend to follow!). and to leave the session feedback after sessions are delivered.

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With the CollabSummit mobile app, you can easily see which sponsors and exhibitors are present at the event, where to find them, do they have any gadgets or swag to offer, and maybe even win something at the sponsor raffles. Our mobile app will also tell you which sponsor booths did you already visit, and which still need to be visited!

Why European Collaboration Summit?

With 2500+ attendees, the European Collaboration Summit is the largest European conference focused on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform. It hosts high ranking Microsoft executives, program managers and architects as speakers, as well as numerous Microsoft Regional Directors and Microsoft MVPs. With 75+ sponsors and exhibitors year after year, it features the largest Microsoft 365 – related expo in the world.    Read more





Business Networking

ECS Expo

Grow your network

The European Collaboration Summit gives you the opportunity to hear from industry experts, network with senior leaders, and learn how to create winning strategies to succeed in a world where what we call Modern Work is quickly becoming the dominant way of working. You will meet Microsoft executives, and make many interesting connections who may become your future customers or partners.
European Collaboration Summit Expo

Meet sponsors, generate leads

With 75+ sponsors and exhibitors, CollabSummit offers the largest Microsoft 365 – Focused Expo in the world. It offers an incredible opportunity to connect with who you need to meet in order to drive your business forward. Connect with everyone from CEOs and business leaders to architects and developers. Utilise the conference platform to discover new contacts, then head over to the expo city and generate precious leads.
European Collaboration Summit - FAQ
Team Building
Teams from the world’s major organisations attend the European Collaboration Summit to strengthen their professional bonds. Give your team an unforgettable experience and encourage new ideas through inspiring sessions and exciting networking opportunities. You never know who they will meet on the floor!

The world leading companies attend CollabSummit


Sessions and content
Full-day Tutorials
Martina Grom, Microsoft Regional Director, is delivering a session at the European Collaboration Summit

World class experts and sessions

Gain valuable insights through cutting-edge sessions delivered by a world-class speaker line-up, consisting of leading Microsof executives, program managers and architects, along with Microsoft Regional Directors, MVPs and the other industry and technology experts. The European Collaboration Summit will put forward all kinds of Microsoft 365 – related business and technology insights, covering vital topics you need to be familiar with.
Ahmand Najjar delivering a full day tutorial at European Collaboration Summit

Full-day tutorials

The pre-conference tutorial day will feature full-day tutorials with some of the most prominent experts in the Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform and SharePoint fields. This is an amazing opportunity to dive deep into discussions on a range of areas to complete your learning and to help you come up with solutions to some of the most pressing problems.
ECS 2021 Panels

Panels and one-to-one conversations

“I cannot believe that I was just speaking to the head of Microsoft Patterns and Practices team!” said a young engineer at one of the panels. The European Collaboration Summit is a great place for direct and unfiltered conversations with Microsoft executives and program managers, as well as with dozens of Microsoft Regional Directors, MVPs and other famous industry experts.

Discover Düsseldorf ❤️

Düsseldorf Airport
Düsseldorf is a traffic hub
Düsseldorf is located in the heart of Europe and is easily accessible by air, train, and car. The city has an international airport and is well-connected to other major cities in Europe and the world.
Rathaus old town hall, Dusseldorf
Düsseldorf is schön
Schön means “beaautiful” in German. Yes, Düsseldorf is an old and beautiful city. Its Old Town is located on the east bank of the Rhine river and is known for its narrow streets, charming squares, and traditional German pubs.
Düsseldorf at Night
Düsseldorf means business
Düsseldorf is the captial of German state North Rhine – Westphalia, and it is known for its fashion and trade fairs, and it is home to many international corporations and business headquarters.
Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf
There is a Tokyo in Düsseldorf?
Wait, there is a Tokyo in Düsseldorf? Yes! The city has a strong Japanese community, and there is a street in Düsseldorf called “Little Tokyo” that is home to many Japanese businesses and restaurants.
Rathaus old town hall, Dusseldorf
Do you drink Altbier?
Düsseldorf is known for its Altbier, a type of amber-colored beer that is popular in the region. The city has many breweries and pubs that serve Altbier. People from Cologne don’t like Altbier, but they also don’t particularely like Düsseldorf, either. 
Düsseldorf at Night
Düsseldorf is music
Artists ranging from Robert and Clara Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn Bertholdy and Johannes Brahms to Kraftwerk, die Toten Hosen und Marius Müller Westernhagen – they all called or still call Düsseldorf their home.

What they said about CollabSummit…

Vesa Juvonen
Nicola Allingham
Martina Grom
Microsoft MVP, RD, Austria
Brett Lonsdale
Lightning Tools, CEO
Vesa Juvonen


CollabSummit embodies the true definition of community while creating a learning environment with top-notch experts from around the world. Walking in through the doors, you’ll see humans from all over the world having fun, collaborating, learning from one another – and, immediately, you’ll be one of them!


We had a lot of great conversations, the organisation was perfect, the presentations insightful. But my strongest impression was the spirit of this event, the community and the friendliness and openness we experienced from all attendees. Looking forward to the Collaboration Summit 2023.”

Vesa Juvonen


European Collaboration summit became the major collaboration conference in Europe. The engagement of speakers and attendees is amazing and everyone learns from each other. The mixture between real-life knowledge and announcements from Microsoft makes this a first class event in Europe!

Brett Lonsdale


Lightning Tools chooses to be a repeat sponsor of the European Collaboration Summit for numerous reasons. Because of its reputation and longevity, the conference has built up a loyal, quality audience. This is important as we know that we will have relevant and meaningful discussions at the show. We usually generate a few “very good” leads – In many cases these have ultimately become customers. Therefore, we ratherask the question, “Can we afford not to be a sponsor?”

Christine Hartl
Samuel Zürcher
Experts Inside, CEO
Erwin van Hunen
Microsoft MVP, Sweden
Jussi Roine
Microsoft MVP, Finland
Christine Hartl, Rencore


The place to be for players in the collaboration space. A very well-organized event with a strong community focus and an amazing speaker line-up. A must-attend for both vendors and attendees. We will be back next year!.”

Samuel Zürcher, CEO Experts Inside


We can’t wait to be back as a Diamond Sponsor again at the 10th anniversary edition of the #collabsummit in Düsseldorf, Germany! It’s our go-to community conference where we (re)connect with our customers, get business done and have fun!

Vesa Juvonen


The most awesome conference with a speaker and session lineup that you simply can’t ignore, a registration fee that blows all other conferences away, and on top of that wonderfully centrally located in Europe. You just can’t deny yourself to go there!

Vesa Juvonen

European Collaboration Summit is the premium conference that I always look forward to visiting. It’s one of the highlights of the year for me, and I’m honoured to be part of the event!

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Ahmand Najjar delivering a full day tutorial at European Collaboration Summit
Beatriz Oliveira - CEO BindTuning delivering a session at European Collaboration Summit
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Power BI Tutorial with Jason Himmelstein and John White at European Collaboration Summit 2019
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